Tutorial  Easter Bunny



Step 1.

Let’s start by shaping the bunny and the carrots. 

You will need white, pink, green, and orange fondant.


Step 2.

For the bunny we will start with white: shape the fondant into balls: one bigger, two smaller, and a tiny one for the tail. Then shape the pink fondant into two small balls.

For the carrots make lots of small orange balls and smaller ones with the green fondant.


Step 3:

let’s get back to the bunny. Make the bigger ball oval and flatten it a bit. Make a small cut for the bunny’s behind. With the two Smaller balls make the feet, tear shaped. With a knife, carve the toes. With the pink fondant make a small ball and then stretch it, make three tiny balls for the paws. The outstretched ball will be the tail.

For the carrots: take the ball into the palm of your hand and shape it into a cone. With the green fondant make a line and with the knife cut the leaves of the carrot.


Step 4.

With a tiny bit of water glue the paws to the bunny and the tail to his little behind. Make a hole at the top of the carrot and close the line with the fringes (the leaves!).





















Step 5.

there! The bunny’s behind is ready to plunge into the icing. With a knife mark the carrot to make it look more real.